Just dropped!! Want to learn more about Limited Scope Legal Services in the context of Family
Law? Check out this episode on the SANE SPLIT Podcast where we chat with the lovely host AJ Jakubowska about this topic!

This week’s episode features my dialogue with Janice Ho and Lucia Lam – Family Law Lawyers at Holam Law. Our very timely topic of discussion – Limited Scope Legal Services, also called Unbundled Services, in the family law context.

In our interview, my Guests and I cover a range of subjects related to this topic, including what these services are, with practical examples, payment options and how to find a lawyer providing these services.

As usual, at the end of the episode, we spend some time on one of my favourite subjects, food – Janice and Lucia clearly share my love of it, and I have to tell you this part of our dialogue left me really hungry!

Holam Law’s website is: www.holamlaw.com

Ontario Family Law Limited Scope Services Project’s website is : www.familylawlss.ca

Alan Alda’s podcast is : Clear + Vivid

My email is: aj@jakubowska.ca