Child Custody & Parenting Schedules

Parenting disputes arising from separation are often difficult, if not extremely painful, for both parents. Too often, a dispute can escalate quickly and with no warning, resulting in added stress on the parties and children involved. It is therefore important to monitor such disputes early on in the separation so as to avoid needless conflict stress. The primary if not sole consideration under Ontario family law and legislation in determining custody and parenting time is the best interests of the child. In today’s fast-paced environment which often involves two working parents, crafting a parenting plan that meets both the child’s best interests and the day-to-day practical realities of life, can be exhausting and challenging. For that reason, it is important to obtain advice from a family law lawyer to assess both yours and the child’s needs.

At Holam Law PC, we advocate and strategize for our clients in crafting a parenting plan that best suits your needs while ensuring that the child’s best interests are maintained.

What is Child Custody and Parenting Time?

Many separating parents often confuse the term custody with their child’s residency schedule. Under Ontario family law and legislation, custody refers to major parenting decisions to be made by the parents in support of the child’s welfare, including decisions about the child’s education, major non-emergency health care, major recreational activities, and religious activities. A child’s residency schedule sets out where the child resides on any given day, including holidays and special occasions, and is often referred to as “access”, “access schedule”, “parenting schedule” or “parenting time”.

Custody may be sole, joint, or a variation of joint. Because the primary consideration is a child’s best interests, determining a custody arrangement is fact-specific. For this reason, it is very important to consult with a family law lawyer regarding custody issues.

Determining parenting time can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. This issue must be examined from the point of view of the child’s best interests, rather than what each parent asserts to be his or her rights.

It is important to note that written agreements and/or court orders resolving parenting issues are not set in stone. Child custody and parenting schedules are fluid in that they are always subject to a child’s best interests, which interests may change over time.

The legal team at Holam Law PC is adept at identifying the technical aspects of the law in relation to parenting, without diminishing its pragmatic application to life’s daily challenges. In doing so, we are able to produce effective parenting resolutions for our clients.

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